February Awareness Days 2022

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Pink tulips and two coffee cups on a blue background with hearts around them. February awareness days.

 #HelloFebruary! Who’s looking forward to more brightness in the days? Some romance on Valentine’s day (14th)? Or reminding us to be kind to others in our everyday lives – Random Acts of Kindness Day (17th)?

Using awareness days in your social media content shows your human side and helps build relationships with your audience. Many people I talk to think that awareness days need to be business related, but this is not the case. As long as you’re sharing content that your audience is interested in, you don’t need to worry. And sometimes you just have to talk about the important issues of the day.


5 Awareness Day themed content ideas for February

  • Run a giveaway to promote Valentine’s day (14th) or the Six Nations Rugby tournament (starts on 5th), like an overnight stay in a hotel or merchandise
  • Talk about how radio has impacted your life / business, how it survives in the digital age - World Radio Day (13th)
  • Share some positive customer reviews, leave a review for a small business or share your favourite social media accounts - Random Acts of Kindness Day (17th)
  • For any of the foodie days, like pizza day (9th), carrot cake day (3rd) run a poll, quizz or ask a question. Pineapple on pizza? Icing on carrot cake etc.
  • Share someone else’s awareness day post to your stories (Instagram) or quote their tweet and retweet (Twitter)


To build and nurture your online audience, it's really important that you are consistent with your posting and content. My day-by-day content planner will help you nail this, complete with awareness days and seasonal hashtags.⬇️


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Scan through my list of February awareness days and add relevant ones to your content calendar📆




W/C 1st February


W/C 7th February


W/C 14th February


W/C 21st February

I hope these come in useful and let me know of any days I have missed.

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Happy content planning! - Kerry👩🏻‍💻

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