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Hi! I’m Kerry, the face behind Summit Consulting. A marketer with 20 years’ experience, my thing is showing people how to grow their business with digital tools like social media, websites and email marketing.

I work with a wide range of clients in financial services, utilities, hospitality, events, health & wellbeing and the charitable sector. I love working with businesses to give them the confidence and expertise to grow their business online.

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Where Did It All Start?

Back in 1994, I was choosing my A-levels (school exams at 18 years of age) and it was the first year they were offering Technology and Design at my all-girls school. I jumped at the chance, but my teachers couldn’t quite work out why a talented linguist (my other two A-levels were French and Spanish) would want to embrace such a technical subject! Fast forward twenty years: comms AND tech have never been so much in demand by my clients!

Marrying The Comms And The Tech

Way ahead of the curve - or what! Luckily for me I love marrying comms and the tech and watching the results.

After school I headed off to Uni to study International Business and Languages at Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt University, which led me to working in many marketing roles in Financial Services right across Europe. I had some fantastic opportunities and made it as far as Madrid, Milan and Berlin. I started off managing door drops and magazine inserts for an Insurance company and ended up running social media operations for a national bank. How times changed!

In Search Of The Holy Grail - Flexibility

Then family life moved on, when my son came along in 2012 and by 2016 my corporate job no longer fitted with my lifestyle. The day after I left, the marketing agency I worked closely with while at the bank, called me up and said, "hey Kerry, fancy setting up social media channels for a utility company?" Summit Consulting was born.

I completed this first project and thought to myself, I could do this for other companies, and the rest is history. Since then, I have worked with a wide range of businesses in financial services, utilities, hospitality, events, health & wellbeing and the charitable sector. Helping them get more sales, reach new audiences, reduce costs or achieve whatever it is they want to do - all using using digital marketing tools.

The Summit Ethos

I set up Summit Consulting, mainly to get more flexibility into my working life, but since I started in 2016, it has given me so much more! I have worked across such a variety of clients and gained such a wealth of experience that wouldn’t have been possible in my old corporate life.

I’ve had to, upskill in different digital marketing disciplines, which has actually made me an expert in the area, without even realising it! I’ve had to work way out of my comfort zone on occasions, which has led me to working with amazing clients and peers.

You might have noticed that I love the mountains, given all the stunning mountain photographs on this website! They are all my own, mainly of +4000m peaks in the European Alps. I hope they inspire you to achieve whatever it is you are here to do.

I’ve a friendly, but professional approach to all my clients so let’s make digital marketing work for your business!

Qualifications & Professional Bodies

  • Member Chartered Institute of Marketing MCIM (2022)
  • Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate (2019)
  • Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing (2018)
  • HootSuite Certified (2014)
  • CIM Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (2004)
  • MA International Business & Languages (2000)
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The Official Bio 

Kerry runs Summit Consulting, a Belfast (Northern Ireland, UK) based digital marketing consultancy. She works with businesses to improve their online presence, so they get more sales, reach new audiences, reduce costs or achieve whatever it is they want to do.

She’s a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing MCIM, has a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and a degree in International Business and Languages from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. Outside of work, you’ll find her enjoying the outdoors, organising the Mourne Mountain Marathon and feeding her family!

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