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Hello From Kerry

I'm a digital marketing consultant and the face behind Summit Consulting. I support businesses with a wide range of digital marketing activities like social media, content creation, websites and measuring performance.

I've 20 years of experience working in marketing and communications with businesses in financial services, utilities, hospitality, events, health & wellbeing and the charitable sector. I love working with businesses to give them the confidence and expertise to grow their business online.

3 Ways To Work With Me

1. Consulting

Boost your digital marketing. Use me for campaigns, project work & intensive sessions


2. Training

Get the confidence to grow online with self-study online courses and bespoke training


3. Mentoring

Move forward with your digital marketing & get your digital marketing problems solved


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Ultimate Annual Content Planner 2024

Struggling to keep up with your content creation schedule? Do you find yourself scrambling to come up with engaging posts for your social media, email campaigns, and blogs?

Look no further – our Annual Content Planner is here to revolutionize your content strategy! Plus over 1,000 awareness days & seasonal hashtags.

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Visit our sister website for a comprehensive source of awareness days, public holidays, major sporting and cultural events in the UK and Ireland.

Helping you plan digital content for the year ahead. Stay ahead of the curve with content ideas and discover causes and topics that matter to you.

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