Top Tips For Taking Photos For Social Media

Updated: Feb 16

This morning I ran an Instagram Live with Gillian Robb from Gillian Robb Photography on how to take better photos for social media. Visual content is one of the key pillars for a successful social media strategy, so it's really important to have photos that stand out on your feed.

You don't need expensive equipment to take good photos for social media. You can take great photos with the camera on your phone. Watch the playback for our top tips.

Watch the Instagram Live on playback👇

We talk about:

📸 Light

  • Always choose light over location. Try taking a step to the left or turn around to see how the light falls on your subject.

  • Look to where the light is coming from and take photos from different angles to ensure your subject is well lit

  • If you are challenged for light, invest in a ring light

📸 Composition & the rule of thirds

  • The idea that your phone screen is split into thirds, both vertically and horizontally. You then put the thing you want people to focus on, onto a third line, ideally on an intersection of two of the third lines because the eye will be drawn to that

  • Turn grid lines on, on your smartphone

📸 Focus

  • Make sure the camera is focused on your subject, not on the background so your photo is sharp

  • On an iPhone you can tap the screen and a box appears and you are telling it what to focus on

📸 Planning

  • Before taking your photos, think about what you are going to be using the photos for and who is going to be viewing them

  • Take a mix of portrait and landscape orientation photos so they can be used across a range of platforms

📸 Consistency

  • You photos should have a consistent look and feel, that reflect your brand identity

Let us know of any questions you have and we’ll be happy to answer them. 💡What will you be doing differently?

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