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Last week I ran an Instagram Live with Faye Morgan from 365 Day Social talking about smarter ways to get your content out there. Content planning and creation can be very time consuming and overwhelming. We talk about ways to work more efficiently so you have more time to spend on other areas of your business.

Watch the Instagram Live on playback👇

We talk about:

🖥️ Planning you content

  • Batch create content on a regular basis and use templates like you can find in Canva

  • Use a scheduler like Facebook creator studio

  • Be consistent and don’t spread yourself to thinly. Whatever channels you are on make sure they are sustainable for you

🖥️ Apps to use

🖥️ Booting or sponsoring posts vs. Ads

  • Boosting has its place but the best way to run ads is through Facebook business manager

  • Use Ads to make the most of your money and make it go further

🖥️ Analytics

  • Don’t neglect your data

  • Look at what is working and do more of the same

🖥️ Making your content go further

  • It is OK to repeat your content at a later date

  • Cross post to other platforms

Let me know of any questions you have and I’ll be happy to answer them. 💡You'll find lots of great tips in the playback.

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