How To Use Inshot To Create Instagram Reels

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

I’ve been experimenting with the new Reels feature on Instagram and have found the InShot video editing app really useful for creating videos for this format. Especially for clients, my footage is pre-shot and I rarely have anything available in a ‘live’ format.

How To Use InShot

Once you have downloaded InShot, it’s really intuitive and you can create lovely video footage, editing together your photos and videos – all from your phone. Here's how:

Top 5 Tips For Using InShot

1️⃣ There’s a free and paid app. With the free one you’ll get the InShot watermark, but I’d recommend buying the pro version. It only cost me £11.99 back in June.

2️⃣ For Insta Reels, make sure you go into the ‘Canvas’ section and set to 9:16.

3️⃣ Practice, practice, practice! It’ll take a few goes to work out where things are, but before you know it, you’ll be a pro!

4️⃣ Not sure how to upload an Instagram Reel? Go to your profile pic, bottom right on Insta, click the big + on top left and hit Reel.

5️⃣ If you don’t yet have access to music on your Instagram Reels, you can add music on Inshot too👍

How to Post To Instagram Reels

Once you have got your video ready, here's how to upload to Instagram reels, plus

8 tips to keep in mind.

1️⃣ In this video I am uploading a video pre-recorded on my camera roll, but you can record live and add filters and adjust the speed etc.

2️⃣ Most people should have access to 15 and 30 second clips.

3️⃣ Not all accounts have access to music, especially some business accounts. If this is important to you and you don’t have it, you could try switching to a creator account. Otherwise make your video in Inshot and add your music there.

4️⃣ When selecting your music you can choose the part of the track to use by moving it from side to side.

5️⃣ You can’t tag someone in the sticker section, you need to do this in the end screen when you are writing your caption.

6️⃣ Keep the main activity of your video in the centre of the screen as this is what will be displayed when you share to your feed.

7️⃣ You can change the cover of your Reel on the end screen and also upload an image from your camera roll.

8️⃣ Once you have posted your first Reel, the reel icon will come up on your profile screen. Click into it to view your reels, see the likes, comments and views and click on the triple dots for more actions…including ‘delete’ if you have uploaded it in error😬

Use InShot To Create Video For Any Platform

I hope you found this useful and remember Inshot can be used to create video content for any platform. Keep practicing, the more you do the better you get!🤗🤗🤗

If you would like some help with Instagram Reels or any aspect of social media please get in touch.


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