Email Marketing & How It Benefits Your Business

Yesterday I ran an Instagram Live with business coach Ruth Gilbey, talking about how email marketing can benefit your business. Email marketing is still a very effective channel and definitely not one to be overlooked.

Email is THE direct communication channel

Checking our emails everyday is one consistent behaviour that nearly everyone does, across all demographics. Building an email lists is a direct way to communicate with people. If you grow your email list in a strategic way you will have a list of people that want to hear from you and hopefully will buy from you.

Here's what we talk about

Listen to this Insta live whilst you are making the dinner or putting away the washing! I'm finding that I am listening to Lives just like I would a podcast. If you are new to email marketing you'll find out how to get started and if you're already doing it, there are lots of great tips on growing your list. We covered a lot and we could have talked for a much longer! You'll find out about:

🔹 Why email marketing is important and why you should be doing it

🔸 How to get started

🔹 Email marketing tools such as MailChimp, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, SendInBlue,

🔸 Tips and tricks for growing your email list

🔹 What content to include in emails

🔸 Spam filters: cleaning up email list

🔹 How to be GDPR compliant

🔸 Repurposing content from other channels

Watch the Instagram Live on playback👇

Further Information

Let me know of any questions you have in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer them. Does email marketing work for you?📥

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