Awareness Days for September 2020 📚

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Autumn is just around the corner and September is an incredibly busy month for awareness days. Maybe the busiest one of the year! Some of our favourites this month are National Fish & Chip Day (4th Sept), Roald Dahl Day (13th Sept) and Red Squirrel Week (21st Sept) 🍟🐟📖🐿️

Parents , pupils and teachers anticipating the return to school after COVID-19 lockdown.

Back to school, without a doubt, is a big one for many people this year and there are a high number of health related awareness days too. Many regular events continue to be cancelled such at Electric Picnic (IRL music festival) and the Goodwood Revival (motor car racing) but some events continue to take place without spectators like the US Open.

Take a scan through our list for some inspiration for your content and add relevant ones to you content calendar 🗓️

September 2020

We hope these come in useful and let us know of any days we have missed.

5 Tips For Content Planning

  1. Choose to talk about awareness days that are relevant to your audience and your brand

  2. Plan your content using a content calendar, a simple Excel spreadsheet will do

  3. Set aside some time each week for content planning, creating and scheduling

  4. Awareness days can be used for content across all your digital channels: social media, email newsletters, website....

  5. Double check the awareness day applies to where you are located

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