Awareness Days for August 2020 ☀️

Maybe summer doesn't have quite the same excitement as in other years, but August is still full of awareness days to hook your content off. I usually do two months per blog, but as I research more of these blogs, I find more and more awareness days, so I'm going to keep it to one month per blog. Check back this time next month for September awareness days and I can tell you now, it is a very busy month!

Many of the usual music festivals have been cancelled due to COVID-19.

As you will have heard, many of the usual events that mark summer, have been cancelled. Particularly those around the August bank holiday weekend (UK), such as the Reading and Leeds Festival and the Nottinghill Carnival. On a positive note though, some events that usually take place earlier in the year, have been rescheduled in August, like The Rose of Tralee (IRL) and the Tour de France. Happy content planning 🗓️

August 2020

We hope these come in useful and let us know of any days we have missed.

5 Tips For Content Planning

  1. Choose to talk about awareness days that are relevant to your audience and your brand

  2. Plan your content using a content calendar, a simple Excel spreadsheet will do

  3. Set aside some time each week for content planning, creating and scheduling

  4. Awareness days can be used for content across all your digital channels: social media, email newsletters, website....

  5. Double check the awareness day applies to where you are located

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