40 daily hashtags for social media marketing

Look to daily hashtags for ideas

Whether you are a full time social media manager for a large brand or social media is an add-on to your job description, some days you get writer's block and struggle to come up with content. Daily hashtags are a good way to create content to keep your channels active and build your followers.

Hashtags boost reach

Hashtags, no matter if they are daily, location-based, industry or customised for your business, are a quick and easy was to chase the reach of your posts and ultimately get in front of more potential customers. Daily hashtags tend to be more general and when you relate them to your business or organisation, are a great way to extend your social media presence and get in front of more of the right people.

Tips for using daily hashtags

Before including hashtags in a post remember to do the following.

  • Relate the hashtags to your business or organisation

  • Do a quick search on the hashtag to check it is being used appropriately by other users

  • Check the spelling of the hashtag and that there are no spaces

  • Try using hashtags in the plural to see if there is more engagement

Top trending daily hashtags

We’ve come up with the below list of daily hashtags for you to use and refer to. Surprise, surprise we’ve organised them by day of the week! These are the top trending ones and can easily be applied to your personal social media posts too.


  • #MondayBlues - Commiserate with your followers, or give them a boost

  • #MondayMorning - Give your followers a pick-me-up to the start of the week

  • #MondayMotivation / #MotivationMonday - Get your followers' week off to a good start with motivational quotes, photos and feel good stories

  • #MarketingMonday - Share your favourite campaign, marketing best practice or current promotion with your followers

  • #MusicMonday - Post about your office playlist, musical inspiration or feature talented employees or customers

  • #MeatFreeMonday - Great for food & drink and fitness industry

  • #MondayBlogs - Profile your recent blog post


  • #TravelTuesday - Share content on holiday photos, travel tips, foodie photos and even the mundane commute

  • #CharityTuesday - Profile your support for local charities

  • #TipTuesday - Provide helpful tips and answer frequently asked questions

  • #TicketTuesday - Run competitions to win tickets, profile events

  • #TransformationTuesday - Post before and after photos of your product or service

  • #TechTuesday - Share technology tips or how you are using technology


  • #WonderfulWednesday - Keep your followers positive by posting something you're grateful for or a photo of a memorable Wednesday moment

  • #WednesdayWisdom - Share advice or view points with followers related to your industry

  • #Humpday - Get your followers over the longest day of the week with this famous hashtag


  • #TBT #ThrowbackThursday - Everyone loves nostalgia! Share photos from the past of your business, product or industry

  • #ThursdayThoughts - Ask for ideas on improving your business

  • #ThankfulThursday - Thank someone who has helped your business or customers. A useful tool for building advocacy and loyalty


And don’t forget the weekends!


  • #SocialSaturday - Show how you are interacting with followers with events and promotions. Also used to promote social enterprise

  • #Caturday - Posts that accompany a photo of your favourite cat

  • #SaturdayMorning - Share ideas on what to do over the weekend

  • #SalesSaturday - Offer a special discount or deal for your product or services

  • #SaturdaySelfie - Post a selfie relating to your business or industry


  • #SelfieSunday - Share photos of your employees to humanize your brand, or share user-generated content

  • #SundayFunday - Share how you are having fun on a Sunday

  • #SundayRead - Share one of your recent blog posts. It's OK to reuse content you have already posted

  • #SpotlightSunday - Post key features of your product or service

Good news for twitter users as we can now fit more hashtags into the newly expanded 280 character count!

Want to share any daily hashtags that work for you? Leave a comment below.

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