How to use 'Find Nearby' on LinkedIn

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

I was at a Women in Business NI networking event at Cubic Co Work in Lisburn earlier in the week and the facilitator reminded us about the 'Find Nearby' function on LinkedIn, to connect instantly with others in the room.

It is super handy for connecting to someone on LinkedIn who you are with. You don't have to bother typing their name and trawling through the search, until you find them. You both must have the LinkedIn app open at the 'Find Nearby' page to display the other person's profile.

Here's how to access the 'Find Nearby' function

1. On the LinkedIn App go to My Network at the bottom of your mobile screen:

2. Click on the icon of a person with a + sign on the bottom right of the screen:

3. Click on 'Find nearby' on bottom right of the screen:

4. Nearby LinkedIn members will appear as long as you both have this page open at the same time.

After an event you can view people you have recently connected with on LinkedIn by going to My Network > Manage my network > Connections > sort by Recently added.

Happy Connecting!


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